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Return to Reggio Calabria to (re) find the horizon. and become jaws.
Romualdina was born thus, elaboration of the memories and emotions of Rosanna sulfur, stylist Reggina formed between Turin and Florence and returned to the strait to elaborate a new collection.
The R collection marks a horizon: they are heads that tell a story, emotions that take shape, become drawings, accompany movements. Emotions ready to be worn, and to dress new emotions, New Horizons.

He admonished Gaugin: “First of all, the emotion. Only after comprehension. ” The path of the collection is faithful to the warning of the great French painter: first the emotions, which take shape and color, become trace and art. Then begins the search for the fabrics, the cuts, the harmony of emotions on individual garments. “The R collection, as it took shape, became a tribute to all the beauty that surrounds me: what I have been taught with family values and affections, the one that marks the horizon beyond the railing.”

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