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The Brand

Romualdina, much more than a brand: a way of being and feeling, totally made in Italy. Romualdina was born a few years ago between Florence and Turin from the heart, body and soul of Rosanna Zolfo.
“I needed, absolute necessity to repossess my memories and my emotions, trying to overcome the tearing from which Romualdina was born.” A rending tear from stitching stitch after point, with a thread that is love, which are roots and belonging. A rending tear that has the name carved forever in the innermost part of Rosanna.

“He started a friend of Dad’s to call me Romualdina, many years ago. He said I was identical to him, that I was a little Romualdo in the feminine version. It could only be Romualdina, the name of my brand. for him. For me. Because this path in fashion is my dream of always, that I could carry on thanks to my mother and my father. Mom is close to me every moment, and I never stop – I will never cease – to thank her. Dad is with us in another way: to him, to the so much beauty that has given us in life, is dedicated Romualdina».
Emotions have been branded. And the brand can only return emotions.
The #collezioneR, with its railing of memories, is an explosion of emotions, color, warmth. Born to create new emotions, of color and warmth, to live wearing each of the 13 items.

Who I am
Rosanna Zolfo

The registry is Rosanna sulfur: Both the name and the surname are very dear to me. Hard to find definitions that I sock right: I’m an eclectic of nature, I like to move and space, I like to browse, change, experiment.

If I have to find terms close to what I do, and I want to keep doing, the first word in which I identify is artisan. I started to sew very early, but I was not enough: in an experimental and handmade I tried new materials, able to return the shapes and textures I was looking for. My passion brought me out of Reggio Calabria, a city where I was born and raised, until the end of the higher studies. After graduating from high school in Europe I chose Florence, where I graduated in fashion design, then I landed even further north, arriving in Turin to complete the training and specialize in the Fashion Institute Mara Scalon.

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